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Black Box Solutions is a certified Unified Communications Integrator Consult us for unifying your communications

Key Features

Unified Communications is a tool which integrates all your daily communication mediums on to a single platform

Awesome Interface

Move over from different interfaces for different apps. Get connected on a single app with everyone

Conserve Energy

Use Unified Communication and control costs and oveheads by conserving energy used by different platforms

User Friendly

Its very user friendly and totally non technical for any one to understand and use

Instant Support

Implement UC for providing instant support for your customers.

Connect with People

No matter whereever you are, instantly connect with any one of your employees or customers

Video Conferencing

Instantly start a video chat or conferencing with any one on the go from your device easily

Unified Mail Box

Get all info of calls, emails, voicemails and other notifications on a single mail box

Social Media

Integrate social media of your organization with UC and enjoy benefits of connecting with your prospect easily