Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions for which you can get the answers for.. For anything else you can always contact us and our representative would be more than happy to answer all your queries

Every home/office/corporates buildings have different requirements and applications. So we need to do the survey first before we can offer you any solution. We request you to fill our contact form so that we can visit your premises and give you a budgetory proposal after the survey.

Yes. We undertake AMCs and maintenence contracts for most of the IT equipments. We have a service team which visits customers premised on routine basis and do a preactive maintenence of the systems. We undertake comprehensive as well as non comprehensive AMCs.

We work on a flexible model for site visits and charges. We charge very competent rates for site visits based on the distance and volume of work.

Yes. We undertake outsourcing contracts in whihc we can provide man power for managing your IT infrastructure in 24x7 role or as per your requirement. We can discuss the same in a personal interaction.

Our servers are hosted across the globe on multiple platforsma and in multiple data centers. We value your data and information and make sure that is alwasy protected in case of any failure through our data back up and redundancy plans

Yes sure. We can arrange the demo at your location, our office or at any of our customers location based on the solution and the availability of the materials and resources.

Yes. We have certified IT auditors who can do audit for your entire IT infrastructure and provide you with certifications and standardization.

We are tied up and partnered with multiple vendors who are local to your region and can provide you the services and solutions at same pricing and structure. We are omnipresent.

We have a huge list of customers in multiple sectos and verticals. We can provide reference customers and can also make you talk to them or make you visit their premises for demo based in their availability and privacy.